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My name is Stef Armstead and I am a certified personal and performance trainer, athlete, and fitness enthusiast! My number one passion is helping people become healthier physically, but more importantly MENTALLY. This is my story...

I am a native of Detroit, Michigan where I was born and raised. I was introduced to sports at the age of 6 and began developing a passion for being an athlete. While playing a variety of sports, I realized my biggest passion was football, which led me to receiving a full athletic scholarship to Central Michigan University. After playing football for four years I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Sports Management and continued to use my athletic background to stay fit.

I just stopped making excuses.

In the beginning of 2017 I noticed that I was working out without a purpose. I was studying and learning how to train, but wasn’t becoming a living testimony of what I was trying to help other people with. I was giving myself countless excuses of why I can’t eat right, or hit the gym consistently. Then I DECIDED & DEDICATED. This stuff is not easy, but if it was the grind, the hustle, the relentlessness, and the sweat would be unappreciated!

In four short months I took those excuses and made muscle (LITERALLY). I fell in love with the process of grinding and pushing myself mentally through physical activity. Through this experience I realized that I wanted to help people become more educated and aware of how important physical and mental health really is. I find that most people have a negative mindset towards the gym instead of viewing it as working to be a better version of themselves. I want to let the person who is just starting their fitness journey know that if you just DECIDE & DEDICATE, you can reach your goals!


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