"My experience with stefon has been extremely life changing. He has taught me so much during the past 5 months. I have always struggled with losing weight and always wondered why I couldn’t keep it off. I was never satisfied with my results until I started working with him. Training with stefon has been the best decision I have ever made. I would have never thought in a million years I could lose fifteen pounds in just six weeks. He helped me gain my confidence back. Stefon never gave up on me no matter how many times I told him “no” no matter how tired I was. He was always there motivating me to do better and keep working hard. Before I started working with him I told him exactly what I wanted the areas that I was always struggling on to lose. He told me that I would start seeing results in little as 3-4 weeks I honestly did not believe him. He was right , I started seeing results in in just three weeks I started seeing my legs getting muscular. My stomach started showing abs for the very first time. I was getting stronger and faster he also showed me exactly what to eat so I could stay healthy and keep the weight off. Working with him has created a strong bond not only as a trainer as a friend too. I could honestly say he is the most amazing trainer I have met. I couldn’t thank him enough enough for all that he has taught me." - Jessica


"I have been training with Stef for 2 months and he is great! He pushes me and motivates me to go harder every day I enter the gym. He also became some sort of life coach to me as well. Its like he knows what to say at the right time to bring my spirits back up. He is a great person to be around. he genuinely cares about his clients and is willing to do whatever it takes to help you reach your goal, of course you have to do your part as well but overall he is right there with you every step of the way. Thanks to him I'm slowly but surely gaining my confidence back up and just overall feeling a lot better about myself. Definitely will continue to work with him!"



“In desperate need of a trainer to help me with discipline while toning, my first thought went to my current trainer Stef! While I’m used to cardio, I was NOT used to weights which Stef introduced me to on my journey! It was never easy but Stef has plenty of patience with me, while I only wanted to focus on legs and arms, he showed me plenty of exercises that went hand in hand for full body results. On my lowest of days, Stef never knew but he pushed me through our hour session and that pushed me through my day! I appreciated him for ALWAYS having a positive attitude, motivating me and working with me! I wouldn’t trade for another trainer ever! Stef or nothing!! THIS BODY, THIS MONEY!”



“I have to be honest. I do not like working out at all but working out with Stef allowed me to learn my body and gain the confidence I needed to go to the gym to train on my own. I started working out with him not knowing what to expect but to think positive and hope he wouldn’t work me as hard. Boy, was I wrong! I tried not to complain & say the word can’t. Yes, it was more than I asked for at times but I knew I had to just push forward. I discovered, I had a shoulder issue after the third workout session. I appreciated Stef's concern as a trainer because we were able to work through it each time. The more workout sessions we had the more difficult it became. As a trainer, I believe you push your client as far as their willing to go to see how hard their willing to work to get the body they eventually will have. I wanted to focus more on my mid-section which is something I’ve struggled with for a while. No! I’m not fat! BUT like any woman I am my worse critic and would love to have that ideal hour glass shape. The waist down just needed to be toned and Stef did a great job at targeting those muscles. You cannot say what you don’t like or what you’re not doing because he’s going to make you do just that and you’re going to do it because you're paying him! Lol. After that is said & done, the real question is would I recommend him to anyone else and the answer is…. Hell yes, without a doubt! Not just because he’s a good trainer but because of the motivation and determination you gain after you leave his sessions. He believes in you & in return you believe you can do it even after all the sweat and tears.”


Willie Beavers


”I’ve trained with Stef in the offseason when I’m back home and it’s always a great workout. He does a great job preparing me for the up coming season and makes it a great environment for me to train and get better in.” - Willie Beavers Minnesota Vikings


Richaud Pack


“I’ve trained with Stef the last two summers. Each of the last two seasons I’ve seen tremendous strides: specifically in my speed, agility, and endurance. The time we spent together allowed me to elevate my performance to a new level.” - Richaud Pack Professional Basketball Player Basquet Menorca LEB Silver EuroLeague